/ HEAD / lel EvoX JON 3.1 @ Inithium Event LM

lel EvoX Jon Eyebrows 003


Clef de Peau.Dale T2 [LELUTKA] LM

Clef de Peau.Body Hair Blond T4 [LEGACY]

Bolson / Tattoo (Mix’Em) – Medeski LM

Volkstone Eon TATTOO + SCAR LM

Volkstone Vito Facial Hair / V15

Mea Tenebra  : . Etched earplug LM

GB Line Down Jacket @ TMD LM


e.marie // Hailey Earrings – Silvers { EvoX human M }@ N21 LM

L’Emporio&PL::*Kick It*:: LM

Legal Insanity – Ace vneck shirt LM

N E X U S  nails   [ LEGACY ] v3.0 LM

not so bad . ARIEL denim pants . LEGACY fitted . black LM

RichB. Plaster LM

Semller Worn Canvas Low Tops Gradient Edt. 02 LM

[Black Bantam] Dalmatian Puppy Decor @ Kustom9 LM

Ana Poses – Montpellier 2 TMD LM

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