On Tom (right):

/ HEAD / lel EvoX QUINN 3.1 LM

AG. Jonas Skin – Lel EvoX – Medium LM

Volkstone Kobel HD Brows LM

Volkstone Evan Hairbase + Wendel Facial Hair / 06 

Clef de Peau.Winter Nip v.2 (part of Jamie skin) + Male Cheeks Blush LM

.:CORAZON:. Tattoo AJAL  Medium  @ Man Cave LM

EGX. BOM Calvin Tattoo @ Men Only Monthly LM

RichB. Cheek Scratch LM

.O. Tyler Jacket LM

[CX] Kingslayer Ring Set @ The Warehouse LM

N E X U S  HD nails v.4  LM

RichB. Beaton Earrings @ Man Cave

RKKN. Streewear Sneakers LM

Ana Poses – Dhaka 2 LM

On Marco (left): 

/ HEAD / lel EvoX QUINN 3.1

[avarosa] Quinn Skin – Peach LM

[avarosa] Ariel Hairbase @ TMD LM


Volkstone Anton HD Brows

Volkstone Wendel Facial Hair / 05 + Caian Face Tattoo / Brave + Eon SCAR

T r a u m e – Scout Tattoo  LM

EGX. Angelo Srsly Tattoo LM

Clef de Peau.Winter Nip v.1 (part of Jamie skin) + Male Cheeks Blush

Clef de Peau. Face Tattoo “This is” Full 

[Traume] Condemned Tattoo 

ARCHIVEFACTION_Core Necklace 01_Silver @ Access LM

GEORRIVALS – Ian Puffer “Palm Blue” @ DreamDay LM

KLOV . NOAH . tank top LM

RichB. Gui Earrings + Manuel Earrings LM

AP – Ljubljana 1

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