On Ashley :

/ HEAD / lel EvoX AVALON 3.1

Clef de Peau.Chloe Rose Kiss [LeLUTKA] @ Kustom9 LM

keikumu – soda eyeshadows (teal) @ LEVEL LM

Dazed. Dolly Lipstick #8 LM

Platinum – “Evelynn” Hairbase  LM

VUDU TATTOO – Minimalist Tattoo – MP

Pox – Ye Bomber Black LM

TECHNOFOLK_Voltage Shirt 001 LM

Clef de Peau.Lilith Skirt Black  

GUCCY . Bow Choker (no longer available)

LaGyo_Declaration Earring LM

MOGUL (Agnes Chain Bag) – Onyx + (Szeyna Yeti Boots) – Onyx LM

On Marco :

/ HEAD / lel EvoX EON 3.1

Clef de Peau.Boris Beige [LeLUTKA]

EGX. BOM Denver Hairbase LM

^^Swallow^^ Dropped Ears LM


EQUAL – Cooper Sneakers LM

RichB. Gavi Earring (Dropped) LM

[Deadwool] Pequod beanie LM

[Dope+Mercy]Metal Bandaid LM

[Z O O M] Holy Blades Rings @ TMD

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