Rob Skin @ TMD

/ HEAD / lel EvoX EON 3.1 LM

Clef de Peau.Rob EB Tan [LeLUTKA] @ TMD LM

AG. Piercing Eyes Pack @ Alpha LM

[BODY] Athletic Meshbody (Legacy) LM

N E X U S  bodyhair   [ A13 ] LM

VELOUR: “EROS” Body Skin for Legacy / Fit (Tan) LM

Volkstone Caian Hairbase / Brown @ TMD 

ExalteD – Will Pants @ TMD

[VEX] Nautical Bracelet (Platinum) LM

[Dope+Mercy]Metal Bandaid @ TMD


Hairbase 2nd picture:

EGX. Antonio Hairbase Brown l @ Men Only LM

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