Left :

Modulus.Eddie Hair – Browns @ Fameshed

RKKN. Awol Outfit @ Man Cave

Volkstone Hipster Beard // BLACK @ Equal10

[CX] Tangled Mastodon @ Kustom9

[dispute] Beaten up – Bandage

Right :


[Moonstone] – XT 330 Gas Mask @ Man Cave

RKKN. Awol Boots Black @ Man Cave

RKKN. Awol Pants @ Man Cave

TonkTastic – Jersey Shirt @ Man Cave

Shi & Messiah Emeth / Chunky Rings 

[ContraptioN] SK3LET0 Series Prosthetic Arm

[CX] Fighter’s Mark – Black

[Deadwool] Ulrich socksHX: Black Spray Can Backpack

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