Thugs in a dark alley.

Thugs in a dark alley.

Divos :
Catwa Head Stanley v3.2
Stray Dog – custom skin
Stealthic – Rebellion
GA.EG Magnificent – Stanley Bento Hipster Beard
Dufaux – Takeshi Hoodie @ NEO JAPAN
Marco :
Catwa Head Victor v3.2
Clef de Peau.Trenton T2 [CATWA] Applier @ HME
Modulus – Fraser Hair @ Hair Fair
Volkstone Raiser Facial Hair
Dufaux – takeshi hoodie @ NEO JAPAN
DAPPA – Tengu Tattoo @ NEO JAPAN
Messiah x .Shi : Emeth / Chunky Rings
Set :
Modulus – Macabre Alleyway
Ana Poses – Light Up @ HME
Mannequins :
YO_V.boy-003 MarketPlace

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