Snow scene.

Snow scene.

Clef de Peau.Tobias T6 Omega [AK] Appliers soon…

[AK] Mesh Head Marco BENTO Vers. 1.9

*Bolson / Tattoo – Hanzo

*Dura-B&G*73-HAIR-MIX C(Editable version)

– D I R A M – KANYE Big Fur (Add) – Mesh Non Rigged

8f8 – Baby Black Kite (Add me) – gift

HX: White Sply Boost Facemask

tomoto, haoriM FAT(L) copy

tomoto, haoriM haorihimo FAT(M) copy

tomoto, kimonoM muji beige (M)for haoriM copy

tomoto, kimonoM obi (M)for haoriM copy

[Bad Unicorn] ‘Blanco’ NRD Shoes

[CX] Claw Earrings Black

[CX] Metal Claws Nightfall (

[Signature] Gianni – BODY – v3.1

^^Swallow^^ Ears Elf HD –

Le Poppycock *Devil’s Advocate* Nature’s mistake

[BB] Rezzable Polar Bear Cream & White

8f8 – No Place of Ours – Winterish

8f8 – Baby Black Kite- gift

{anc} camellia flower (gray)

JIAN :: Bunny (Static – Mama & Babies)

Soy. Mini Igloo Lantern [Type-A]

LMs soon…

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