Ison x Rowne (I)

ISON x Rowne (1)
ISON x Rowne present a limited edition 2016 Pre-Fall collection. This collaboration is mix of day to evening wear featuring bold colors with a classic twist. It is the perfect blend of ISON meets Rowne.

The collection is presented across both the ISON and Rowne sims: half the collection is available to purchase at ISON and the other half available for purchase at Rowne.

The collection will only be available until September 28th, never to be sold again.

Right :

ISON x Rowne – brito blouse – White NEW

ISON x Rowne – hadid heels -Nude (extra color pack) NEW

ISON x Rowne – ondria pants – Nude (extra color pack) NEW

ISON – scout boho bag – (white)

Rowne Salon.Skylar Hair.Small

Le Poppycock-Dernier cri

Left :

ISON x Rowne – Halston Top – Maitreya (White) NEW

ISON x Rowne – Lia Pants –  (White) NEW

ISON x Rowne – walton overcoat – Nude (extra color pack) NEW

little bones. Kym (S/Fiore/BabyHairs) @ C88 NEW

ISON – holo bag -right hand – (gold/cream)

Le Poppycock-Haute couture

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