Please be aware that this guy is a crook.



Last April 2014,I contacted a mesh maker I found in a mesh creators’ group in SL to order some clothing (6 items in total).The first dress was planned to be delivered around June 4th to allow me to texture it,also take the advertising and vendors pictures and set up at C88 on time (C88 opens on the 8th each month)… and finally been delivered on the 12th with a rigging bug on the collarbone part ( price paid 150K L)You can see the schedules we agreed for the delivery of the items on the copy of the Notecard below, he sent me after I paid him  to secure the orders.


2014-04-26 20:12:44 note card: sent by 3DOpifex
Hexagon Stone Choker

Completely Done – Non Rigged – Male M

41,000L$ Paid
41,000L$ Owed

6/30/2014(Delivery date)
Shiny Silk Dress

Completely Done – Fitted Mesh
140,000 – 150,000 L$

75,00 Paid
75,00 Owed

6/30/2014(Delivery date)
Soft Silk Dress

Completely Done – Fitted Mesh
160,000 – 175,000 L$

87,500 Paid
87,500 Owed

6/30/2014(delivery date)
Suede Dress

Completely Done – Fitted Mesh
200,000 – 225,000 L$

112,500 Paid
112,500 Owed
Mermaid Dress with Cap

Completely Done – Fitted Mesh
275,000 – 284,000 L$

142,000 Paid
142,000 Owed

Payment done on April 26th 2014 ( 50% of the total sum paid upfront)

04/26/2014 19:03:58 23608e57 Destination: 3DOpifex
Region: Haendlerbucht

“[2014/06/12 06:30] Marco (marcopol.oh): i see something going out from the shoulders straps inside the dress
[2014/06/12 06:30] Marco (marcopol.oh): like a little edgy triangle
[2014/06/12 06:30] мя. зd oριғeх (3dopifex): yea it wasnt made like that its the rigging….
[2014/06/12 06:31] Marco (marcopol.oh): no way to fix it?
[2014/06/12 06:31] мя. зd oριғeх (3dopifex): if you rez it on ground its gone, trying to see if i can fix it…
[2014/06/12 06:35] Marco (marcopol.oh): the problem goes away when I stand on T pose ,lol
[2014/06/12 06:36] Marco (marcopol.oh): but as soon as I stand  with arms down it comes back
[2014/06/12 06:37] мя. зd oριғeх (3dopifex): yea i know
[2014/06/12 06:37] мя. зd oριғeх (3dopifex): its the rigging
[2014/06/12 07:47] мя. зd oριғeх (3dopifex): 75,000L$ Owed
[2014/06/12 15:13] Marco (marcopol.oh): hi,i’m back,I tried to make the inside texture alpha to see if that could fix the problem but it didn’t
[2014/06/12 15:14] Marco (marcopol.oh): did you find out how to fix it?”


“[2014/07/06 15:22] 3DOpifex Resident: (Saved Sun Jul 06 04:45:49 2014)hey, my guess is you didn’t get my email with the included files for the necklace, and 2 dresses, try checking your junk folder, I’m currently on a vacation visiting family, I sent the files last week, think it was last Thursday. I won’t be home, and all my passwords are written down at home, so I can’t check my email, but as soon as I get back home, I will resend them, should be in 2-4 days, am out of state atm.
[2014/07/06 15:22] 3DOpifex Resident: (Saved Sun Jul 06 04:52:54 2014)celebrating independence day with family.

[2014/07/06 15:24] Marco (marcopol.oh): Enjoy vaca! I didn’t get anything I also checked my junk mails,maybe you sent it to a wrong email address?
[2014/07/06 15:24] мя. зd oριғeх (3dopifex): User not online – message will be stored and delivered later.”

“[2014/07/17 15:27] Marco (marcopol.oh): Hi 3D,
I hope nothing bad happened to you since I didn’t get any clue after you IMed me to say you sent the dresses and necklace that I didn’t get.(I checked emails and junk mails).I don’t want to be like a stalker,God knows how I dislike them..but please consider that I need to know what’s going on.I know it’s summertime and that you may feel like spending more time outdoor,I,myself tend to enjoy sharing good time and parties with friends than being trapped on my computer,but sometimes I must log in to run my SL business and the orders I secured with you are an important part of my business because without them I have nothing new to offer to my customers,also I was engaged with c88 and The Season Story for July and my booth are still empty.They keep IMing me to know why, but I’m in lack of answers  as I don’t know your plans.So please don’t leave me clueless,if you can’t make the items on time or changed your mind  but I need to know so I can organize myself or eventually hire someone else in the meantime.Ok,now I stop bothering you,this is not my point !Hope to hear from you as son as you can.
[2014/07/17 15:27] мя. зd oριғeх (3dopifex): User not online – message will be stored and delivered later.”

Then I got an email from him saying he had to go out of state to support his Gf’s family because her father was in hospital….

“[2014/07/22 04:33] Marco (marcopol.oh): Hi 3D,thanks for your reply,I’m so very sorry to read this about your gf’s father,I hope that everything will be ok for him.I know how we need support in these times…If by any chance,you can get back home by the end of the month,please send the golden dress as it will match perfectly the 3rd anniversary theme for c88.
[2014/07/22 04:33] мя. зd oριғeх (3dopifex): User not online – message will be stored and delivered later.”


Then I let the summer go and sent him this NC on Sept 18th

2014-09-18 01:10:19 note card

Hey 3D,

I hope you are ok.
Just a friendly reminder that I still didn’t receive the 3 items you sent by the end of June and that you said you would send back again in August, last time we spoke mid July via IM/e-mails .
I have many other items in mind that I would like to order but I can’t do it till I’ll get all the ones I already ordered. Also please,let me know if you are still interested in making mesh for me or if you don’t have time,just refund me and it’s all good!
Hope to hear from you soon.

Take care,



“[2015/06/02 09:00] мя. зd oριғeх (3dopifex): hey marco
[2015/06/02 09:00] Marco (marcopol.oh): hi 3d
[2015/06/02 09:07] мя. зd oριғeх (3dopifex): There was a huge mess with my email, and my sent box seems to of been completely emptied, but, I was able to find the files on my old hard drive, from my old computer, i will be getting it all packaged again and sending it to you either this weekend or sometime next week. I have a lot of cleaning up to do on that hard drive, transferring everything over to the new ssd, and reorganizing it all.
[2015/06/02 09:08] Marco (marcopol.oh): ok,thanks for letting me know.
[2015/06/02 09:11] мя. зd oριғeх (3dopifex): Again I apologize for the delay in resending everything, and thanks for bearing with me.
[2015/06/02 09:13] Marco (marcopol.oh): Thanks,have a good day.”

20 days later:
“[2015/06/22 03:01] 3DOpifex Resident: (Saved Mon Jun 22 11:15:21 2015)Hey Marco, message me the next time you’re online, I’ve been trying to catch you online, but I keep missing you, I need your email so I can send the files, and also we need to meet up and discuss pay, also I started on some of the other projects a while back, so lets meet up asap and discuss everything.
[2015/06/22 03:01] Second Life: 3DOpifex is online.
[2015/06/22 03:05] Marco (marcopol.oh): Hi 3D,my email is marcopol230@gmail.com
[2015/06/25 01:46] 3DOpifex Resident: (Saved Thu Jun 25 01:57:23 2015)Hey just noticed you did send your email, was about to message you again
[2015/06/25 01:46] 3DOpifex Resident: (Saved Thu Jun 25 01:58:24 2015)I will need the payment sent via paypal, is that an option? I am having some complications transferring L$ on here at the moment.”

[2015/06/25 01:53] Marco (marcopol.oh): hey 3d
[2015/06/25 01:54] Marco (marcopol.oh): I would need to know which items are ready to be sent and how much it will be, to transfer the funds out of SL to my paypal account,knowing that it usually takes a week to get the money available on paypal.
[2015/06/25 03:55] 3DOpifex Resident: (Saved Thu Jun 25 12:28:37 2015)the neckalace and 2 dresses are done, and have started on 2 more dresses
[2015/06/25 03:55] 3DOpifex Resident: (Saved Thu Jun 25 12:34:17 2015)for whats done, its a total of about 250,000L$ remaining to be paid, but I’ll take about 50,000L$ off, so 200,000L$ will need to be paid for the necklace and the 2 dresses that are finished
[2015/06/25 03:55] 3DOpifex Resident: (Saved Thu Jun 25 12:54:21 2015)if you could send the L$ tomorrow that would be great, I’d need to have it in my paypal before next Wednesday, if you could send it tomorrow via secondlife L$ that should be ok, but if not, transfer it to your paypal, and have it sent to my paypal asap, by wednesday.
[2015/06/25 03:55] 3DOpifex Resident: (Saved Thu Jun 25 12:54:35 2015)july 1
[2015/06/25 03:55] Second Life: The 3D Artist (3dopifex) is online.
[2015/06/25 03:55] Marco (marcopol.oh): hi 3d
[2015/06/25 03:56] Marco (marcopol.oh): just got your message
[2015/06/25 03:57] The 3D Artist (3dopifex): Hey, I was just fine tuning the rigging on both of the dresses that were done.
[2015/06/25 03:57] Marco (marcopol.oh): there’s something that bothers me,you said that you would make a 25% discount for the delay and 25% on 250K is 62.5,not 50K
[2015/06/25 03:58] Marco (marcopol.oh): also I would like to know which dresses you made as I have some events coming up for July and this way I could start to display which one goes to which event
[2015/06/25 04:00] The 3D Artist (3dopifex): ah, yea as im fine tuning the rigging and supplying sl material maps for it as well, I estimated about 12,500 more
[2015/06/25 04:02] The 3D Artist (3dopifex): if its a problem though, i guess i can go with 187,500L$ no problem
[2015/06/25 04:08] Marco (marcopol.oh): ok,reading back the NC you sent me a year ago,the neckalce and these 2 dresses are a total due of 407K and I already paid 50% if I base the prices on this 25% would make 101K
[2015/06/25 04:09] The 3D Artist (3dopifex): I just didn’t like the rigging I did a before on it, was a little rough when scaling the belly, breasts, and butt, when testing it
[2015/06/25 04:10] The 3D Artist (3dopifex): just 25% of the total due still, let me find the nc
[2015/06/25 04:11] Marco (marcopol.oh): so I owe you now for these 3 items 203.5K minus 25% a total of 102.5K
[2015/06/25 04:13] The 3D Artist (3dopifex): 203500 – 25%
[2015/06/25 04:14] The 3D Artist (3dopifex): just 25% off of the total still owed, sorry if I was unclear before, maybe I typed it wrong.
[2015/06/25 04:15] Marco (marcopol.oh): oh then it’s just 12.5 %
[2015/06/25 04:16] Marco (marcopol.oh): on the total price
[2015/06/25 04:16] The 3D Artist (3dopifex): but as, the prices were an estimate before, I had put down the hours I spent, and my hourly charge, which was 500,00L$ worth
[2015/06/25 04:18] The 3D Artist (3dopifex): 500k – 203k = 293k which i brought down to 250k then took 50k more off that

[2015/06/25 04:19] The 3D Artist (3dopifex): but lets just settle with 187.5k
[2015/06/25 04:19] Marco (marcopol.oh): well..I thought that you could make an effort on the discount,since you made me wait a year to get my items!
[2015/06/25 04:25] The 3D Artist (3dopifex): the discount was meant to be 25% off of what is still owed, not off of what was already paid
[2015/06/25 04:27] Marco (marcopol.oh): ok then you can keep them and sell them to other customers,sorry ,I’ll loose 495K already paid but i’m not stupid
[2015/06/25 04:32] The 3D Artist (3dopifex): oh wait marco, i dont want to lose you as a customer, I love working on your products, and have already started 2 more since I’ve been back, I understand about the wait, and I apologize, lets just go with 150,000 i’ll meet you halfway ok?
[2015/06/25 04:36] The 3D Artist (3dopifex): I’m still unsure why you had not received the files before, I know I sent them before I left last year.
[2015/06/25 04:44] Marco (marcopol.oh): well,3D I already made up my mind thinking you had vanished with my money,so for me it doesn’t make any difference now,I’m ok to pay you what I said so 25% off the total price of each item,and if you don’t agree with it,I will stop dealing with you
[2015/06/25 04:50] The 3D Artist (3dopifex): ok, but only on the three finished products, I will not lose you as a customer, also I will have one more dress within the next few days to a week, so if you could transfer 112,500 L$ to your paypal and have it ready next week for this
[2015/06/25 04:50] The 3D Artist (3dopifex): 102.5kL$
[2015/06/25 04:53] Marco (marcopol.oh): so you mean no discount on the 2 dresses left to be done ,right?
[2015/06/25 04:53] The 3D Artist (3dopifex): right, as they were not part of what was sent last year
[2015/06/25 04:54] Marco (marcopol.oh): still I’ve been waiting more than a year to get them,come on,lol
[2015/06/25 04:55] The 3D Artist (3dopifex): we really never discussed a sure date on them though
[2015/06/25 04:56] The 3D Artist (3dopifex): lol come on im giving you the discount you wanted on the finished products, what should of been recieved last year
[2015/06/25 05:02] The 3D Artist (3dopifex): I’m going to finish fixing the rigging on these two dresses, they are still a little rough, about the same as the jean dress, which i was not 100% happy with. If you can send the L$ sometime today to my in sl, if not let me know, I think I have my problem fixed, taking L$ out of sl
[2015/06/25 05:03] The 3D Artist (3dopifex): but I’d need it by wednesday in my paypal if you cannot send the L$ today in sl
[2015/06/25 05:27] The 3D Artist (3dopifex): you there?
[2015/06/25 07:09] The 3D Artist (3dopifex): marco?
[2015/06/25 07:44] Second Life: The 3D Artist (3dopifex) is offline.
[2015/06/26 06:27] The 3D Artist (3dopifex): Hey Marco, when will you be able to pay for the finished products?
[2015/06/26 11:59] The 3D Artist (3dopifex): Marco?
[2015/06/26 12:27] The 3D Artist (3dopifex): marco everythings ready, im not sure if youre still interested in the products or not?
[2015/06/26 12:29] The 3D Artist (3dopifex): please respond asap, i will be leaving to ny tonight

I’ll let you make your own opinion,guys…

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