Silent conversation.

Silent conversation.

on him:

Jason T0 white brows -White stubble TMP @ MOM NEW
#TheMeshProject (BETA) Head(m) – Classic (Deluxe)
#TheMeshProject (BETA) Deluxe Body(m)
.~Tableau Vivant~ Keiran hair
RO – Horns of Zolah – Dusk
[CX] Blade Septum (Black)
[CX] Male Fang Geta Dark @ Origami
[CX] Prayer Beads Necklace (Black) @ xiasumi school festival
{MB} Kimono Robe (Crimson Dragon) @ xiasumi school festival
{MB} Male Umanori Hakama (Aka) @ xiasumi school festival

on her:

Clef de Peau Liu Polar Fuchsia lipstick TMP Appliers
#TheMeshProject (BETA) Head(f) – Soft (Deluxe)
#TheMeshProject (BETA) Deluxe Body(f)
!lamb. Bernice (Mesh) – Ink
.:^AY^:.Komachi Sakura Horn (Pink) 03 @ Origami
[CX] F Ring Claws (Red)
[CX] Trapped Sakura Clogs (Dark) @ Origami
{MB} Furisode Kimono Spring Flowers @ xiasumi school festival
{MB} Obi Band (Momo-iro)
{MB} Obi Base Midas Crane
{MB} Obi Omamori Bow (Sumire-iro)
{MB} Obi Upper String (Kamenozoki)

8f8 – serene sanctuary – Koi House RARE @ xiasumi school festival
8f8 – serene sanctuary – Resting Shade
8f8 – serene sanctuary – Grass Frame Rectangular
8f8 – serene sanctuary – Sakura Bench
8f8 – silent conversations – Fish Pond RARE
xin. torii gate Gacha @ xiasumi school festival
xin. chochin Gacha @ xiasumi school festival
xin. chozuya Gacha @ xiasumi school festival
{vespertine} pink paper lantern
*~MMG’s~* Landing pier-flat_ [beige gray]
LAQ Decor ~ Stone Plates
Hayabusa Design Japanese Maple M9 v1-1 * 3
Ossanha gardens – Japanese pine

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