Bleu ciel.

Bleu ciel.

on Garrett (right) :

NIVARO – Crow Skin – Springtone – fullhair bald NEW!

NIVARO – Beards Macho tintable NEW!
Emortal Concepts – Facial Hair Tattoo~50 % Stubble
Mayfly – Deep Sky Mesh Eye (Stormy Sea, w1) (MESH)
no.07 – Hairbase Army Brown
[BURLEY] – Sofian Dark Brown 06
C.Smit – Lazy Tank Top – OmgAkaWtf – yellow NEW!

Balkanik2.0 – Cutted shirt PhotoPhillia Size 3 – (MESH) NEW!
Balkanik2.0 – Male Baggy Short Size 4 Dirty Ripped_Blue – (MESH) NEW!

Entente – L’Equipe Kicks/ Bonbons – Primary NEW!
Entente – Sebastien Glasses/ Blues
Less is More – Enso v1.0 watch BLACK
:Hebenon Vial:  – Pierced! Ears (Cutie Cartoons Pack)
Roosters – Classic Dirty Chuckers-Stripper Socks worn .
The Lion’s Mane – Elite Body Hair Kit Light (Full Basic)

on Marco (left) :

~Tableau Vivant~ Andrej skin – Moka Bald- Exclusive for the dressing Room NEW!

[BURLEY] : Kyle_Browns 02. NEW!

:Hebenon Vial: Pierced! Ears v3.0

(Yummy) : Relativity Ring -Epoch Exclusive.

-.HoD.- : Lisbeth Piercing -Slide-

-Entente : Petit-Ami Sweater NEW!

not so bad . mesh . VINCE jeans-dark.NEW!

SOREAL : Superstars BLUE/White (SSP011)

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